Driven: Volkswagen Golf R

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Not everyone can afford a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. But, for those hard working enthusiasts, here’s something that’s up to the job of thrilling you the moment you put your foot down.

Here’s why the world loves the Golf R…


I’ve always been obsessed with rear wheel drive cars. Until I drove the Golf R, that is. Rear wheel drives are fun actually; they can make drifting much easier than AWD cars, you could start our day with a burn out, and we can exit the parking lot in style. But when it comes to business, tell me, when was the last time a rear wheel driven car won the World Rally Championship? Rear wheel drive cars are fun, but when it comes to lap times and racing, the victory will always be had by AWD cars. So, what I was supposed to tell you is; the Golf R, as we all know it to be, is an all-wheel drive hatch. This is the 2015 model, and is set to make waves the world over.






Visually, the Golf R is nearly identical to that of the Golf and the Golf GTI. But in the R, we get a couple of R badges around the car, and our car came in a purple shade that had my heart skip a beat. The purple hue made me love the car that little bit more than its engine and performance. You can differentiate the Golf R from the normal Golf and GTI models with the R badges, and the big 18-inch wheels, along with the dual quad pipe exhausts at the rear.


Engine & Handling


This part of the story is the answer for the question; why the world loves the Golf R?

The Golf R is equipped with a 292-hp turbo 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with all-wheel drive, along with Sport suspension, 18-inch wheels, and a six-speed manual. Our car had the six-speed automatic with launch control (optional) – good news for those who love automatics, as it is faster to 60 mph by 0.7 second, at 4.5 seconds.




4 Motion All-Wheel Drive System


The torque is split and shared between all four wheels via Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. This setup uses an electronically-controlled Haldex center differential to send up to 50-percent of available torque to the rear axle on demand. The R can also torque vector power laterally across each axle, thanks to its XDS+ brake differential system.


Dynamic Chassis Control


The optional DCC — or Dynamic Chassis Control — adaptive suspension electronically adjusts the firmness of the ride with comfort, normal and sport settings. These modes are automatically chosen by the drive-mode selector. Personally, I thought that all three settings were fairly sporty, but did notice a bit more of an edge to the bumps in the road and a bit less roll in the firmer settings.




Cabin Tech


I have not driven the Golf line-up yet, but I have heard that the cabin is almost the same. But the Golf R’s cabin left me very impressed. The build quality is excellent, and everything is right there in front of you. The R comes with a 5.8-inch touch screen navigation system, and the much more easy to use multimedia system. Everything feels solid and strong, but the one grouse passengers may have about the car could well be the stiff seats. But then, what do you expect of the most hardcore Golf in the line-up? The best bit is the 400 watt 8-speaker Fender audio system which sounds great. It also features R-badging, a few unique exterior styling cues, and blue ambient and accent interior lighting.




Shut up and take my money


So, the Golf R is an absolute hooligan. A small hatch with power to amuse you every time you press your foot down. More than the straight roads, the Golf R shines on the twisties. You can exit a corner in unbelievable speeds, with the R feeling properly planted. The steering also offers excellent feedback, and it gives you confidence whatever tarmac you are on. There’s no doubt about it being an awesome track tool, with excellent power and handling capabilities. Take it to the Nurburgring, and the Golf R feels at home. It tackles tight corners with unbelievable poise, and puts a smile on your face when you exit the bends. And if, by chance, you are an average driver, the moment you drive the Golf R, it makes you want to participate in the WRC. We’re not saying forget Lamborghinis and Ferraris, but consider having the Golf R for as long as you can’t afford the Italian supercars!





Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Variant: R
UAE: AED 156600-158000


Type: Turbo 2 Litre 4 Cylinder

Fuel: Petrol

Power: 292bhp

Torque: 380NM


Acceleration (0-100kmph): 5 seconds

Top Speed: 250kmph(Limited)


Layout: All-Wheel Drive

Type: 6 Speed DSG Dual Clutch Automatic


Length x width x height:42132x1786x1493mm

Wheelbase: 2578mm

Kerb Weight: NA

Ground clearance: NA


Boot volume: 275-1230 litres

Seating capacity: 4

Fuel tank: 55 litres

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