Ferrari 296GTS Review | The Right Way of Downsizing | V6 Supremacy

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Ferrari’s iconic V12s and V8s, meticulously crafted in Maranello, are legendary for their performance that ages like fine wine. Today, owning a Ferrari is more than just a purchase, it’s an investment.

The Allure of the Convertible: The 296 GTS

The arrival of the 296 GTS, a convertible version of the 296, brought a wave of excitement. The promise of open-air exhilaration doubled the anticipated fun. However, a question lingered: how would a smaller V6 hybrid engine compare to Ferrari’s traditional powerhouses?

A Looker with Brains: Design Meets Aerodynamics

True to Ferrari’s heritage, the 296 GTS is a stunning machine. The sleek body panels initially conceal the car’s intricate aerodynamics. But upon closer inspection, the genius of the aero package becomes evident.

Can a V6 Live Up to the Ferrari Legacy?

The heart of the 296 GTS is the compact but mighty V6 engine. Don’t be fooled by its size – combined with an electric motor, it unleashes a phenomenal 830 horsepower! Nestled behind the seats lies a 7.45kWh battery pack, powering a 165bhp electric motor. This motor seamlessly integrates with the all-new twin-turbo V6, generating a staggering 654bhp. The partnership is further enhanced by an eight-speed twin-clutch gearbox for an exhilarating driving experience.

How does it feel to drive?

The key fob looks amazing – bright yellow background with the black Ferrari logo proudly displayed. It even has a special spot in the car to rest.

Choosing a Driving Mode:

A button on the steering wheel wakes up the driver’s display, but the car defaults to “Hybrid” mode which is good for city driving, not ideal for today’s adventure.

To unleash the real power, you need to switch to “Performance” mode using the dial on the steering wheel. This keeps the gasoline engine running and the battery charged for a thrilling drive.

An even more aggressive option is “Qualify” mode, but it reduces battery charging for maximum power.

Taking Off and Feeling the Power:

Although I usually open the convertible top right away, I kept it closed for a bit (didn’t want to show off too much!). But even with the top down, the sound of the Ferrari engine is incredible, just like the GTB.

Shifting Gears and Feeling the Speed:

I switched the driving mode to “Race” for sharper handling and quicker response. The steering feels a bit light at first, but you get used to it.

The automatic transmission is excellent, downshifting quickly even in “Sport” mode. But nothing beats manually shifting gears in a Ferrari – it’s a more engaging driving experience.

How Good is it finally and does it give you that proper V12 feel?

Even though there’s a wait of about 1.5 years to get one, many people are happy to pay the high price for the 296 GTS.

Why? Because it offers one of the best driving experiences on the road, and the retractable hard top adds another level of enjoyment compared to the fixed-roof GTB. You can feel the wind in your hair and hear the engine even better.

On top of the amazing driving experience, the 296 GTS is also one of the most beautiful Ferraris made in recent years. It’s so stunning that some people might even forget how incredibly fast it is!

As for those V12 vibes, we’d recommend you break open that deposit for the V12 Cilindri!

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