Lexus LX500d Review: 4 Things I Love & 2 Things I Don’t

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1. Built to Last Forever: The Toughest Luxury SUV in the World

From the moment you touch and feel the car, sit inside, or take it for a drive, you realize one thing: this car is built to run without fuss for the next 100 years. It’s not just about the sheer size, but the brand, the quality they offer, and the durability of the entire package. While Lexus might lag behind the Germans in terms of fancy technology, their focus has always been on quality, and the LX500d is no exception. This SUV is arguably the toughest luxury SUV in the world.

2. Impeccable Road Presence

Let’s make a straightforward comparison. The Lexus LX500d is over 5 meters in length and almost 2 meters wide, making it a massive vehicle. While the Range Rover and GLS Maybach are also sizeable and impressive, the LX500d commands attention with its sheer bulk and design. The front grille alone is as large as a Tata Nano, and when parked next to a huge truck, it still stands out. The 22″ alloys also add to its striking appearance.

3. Literally the King of Off-Road

The LX500d excels off-road with its advanced technology and features. It has 4 levels of height-adjustable suspension, low range for the gearbox, Multi-Terrain Select, and more.

Although the 22″ alloys are not ideal for off-roading, equipping it with suitable MT tires would make this SUV unstoppable. Despite its luxury price tag, the LX500d is fully capable of handling any terrain with ease.

4. Unmatched Ride Comfort

Powered by a 3.3L V6 Diesel engine producing 308bhp and a massive 700Nm of torque, the LX500d can be aptly called the Torque Monster. Paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox, the SUV feels substantial and weighty. Whether you’re driving or riding as a passenger, you experience a floating sensation on the road. Different drive modes, including Sport+, enhance the driving experience, making the car growl at higher RPMs, truly embodying the torque monster title.

Such a humongous boot!

5. Interior Space Could Be Better

Despite its large size, the interior of the LX500d feels somewhat cramped. While it boasts a spacious boot, the architecture could be adjusted to provide more interior space. Door pockets are difficult to access, and the rear seats could offer more room by slightly reducing the boot space.

6. Needs More Modern Features

While understanding the heritage of the brand, the LX500d’s features feel basic for 2024. The interior lacks modern amenities such as seat massagers and fancy auto-retracting foot steps. Once inside, the vehicle feels somewhat dated and lacking in advanced technology and features.

Who Buys This Tough Luxury SUV?

Those Who Loves Power Over Money!


The LX500d appeals to those who value toughness and heritage over fancy features. It’s a statement of power, more than just wealth. Owners of the LX500d showcase their strength and legacy, making a bold statement with this robust luxury SUV.

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