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It was back in 2019, Hyundai debuted the N Line range of cars. From the time the N Line is introduced, the numbers are going extremely well in Europe and available across 40 countries altogether. They say 20% of the sales were from N Line range of cars. Just in case if you don’t know, what AMG is for Mercedes is what N Line is for Hyundai.

So here we are in Udaipur, about to drive the i20 N Line.

What does N stands for?

The ‘N’ in the N Line stands for Namyang where Hyundai’s Global R&D center is located. There’s more to the N. It even stands for Nurburgring where Hyundai’s Motorsport HQ is located.

Is it a proper N Line car?

The i20 N Line gets mild tweaks over the suspension and steering , twin tip exhaust muffler and gets all-disc brakes for aggressive braking capabilities. Apart from that, all the add-ons comes under the styling part. We cannot call the i20 N Line as a proper N Line car, but yes to begin with, it gets N Line styling with mild tweaks.

The sportiest looking hot hatch in India!

Hyundai really knows how to play well with the styling part. The i20 N Line sure stands apart from the competition and even from the normal i20. It gets a new grille with chequered flag design with an N Line badging over it. Also it gets an N Line specific sporty bumpers at the front. The red accents on the front and side skid plate adds more sporty character to the car. On the sides, we also get the 16″ diamond cut alloys and it comes with an N badging as well.

At the rear, the i20 N Line stands apart with the roof and side wings spoilers along with the sporty twin tip mufflers. It gets an N Line badging at the rear too! The chrome strip at the rear gets a dark finish to elevate the sporty character of the car.

Hyundai has even painted the front brake callipers in red but however the rear brake callipers are not red. Altogether the i20 N Line looks like the most sportiest looking hot hatch in the country right now.

Attention to detail on the interiors are brilliant!

The interiors are well crafted with excellent fit and finish. But the exciting part comes in all-black interiors with red accents. What you get is sporty interiors loaded with tech!

The biggest highlight according to me is the N Line 3-spoke steering wheel which is precise to hold. Covered in premium leather with red stitching, the steering wheel feels really special. You also get the N Line specific gear knobs for both iMT and DCT.

However the iMT gear knob looks even more attractive to my eyes. To elevate the sportiness, you get the red ambient lights and red inserts everywhere. The seats are super comfortable just like the i20 but here you get black leather seats with N Line badging with a chequered flag design as well. Apart from all these, it is just the regular i20 in terms of space and comfort. You get the same 10.25 inch touch screen infotainment but now comes with Blue Link voice command options. In the lower N6 iMT variant, you will only get the 8″ infotainment system instead without Bose 7 speaker system.

When it comes to driving…

The i20 N Line comes with the same 1.0 litre turbo petrol motor available in the i20 Turbo which makes 120PS of max power and 172Nm of torque. Available in both iMT and DCT variant under N6 and N8 specifications. When you opt for the DCT, you get paddle shifters as well.

Start the car and you can literally feel the exhaust note. It is surely different. Sounds pretty exciting from the outside but on the inside, you don’t get that punch. Well, if you want to show off to your neighbours with that little extra juicy note from the exhaust, it surely does the job.

There are no drive modes in the i20 N Line. Just put it in Drive and start driving the car. The engine is refined and packs a bit of grunt. We have already driven the 1.0 turbo before. 120hp for the little i20 will keep you happy all day long. The purpose of the turbo petrol is to provide you that extra power when you are in the mood.

The car feels planted to the road even at triple digit speeds and doesn’t take much long to hit the ton. Hyundai has worked smart to bring the 0-100 figures below 10 seconds. Hyundai’s claimed 0-100kmph comes in 9.9 seconds which is on par with the competition. The suspension difference is hardly noticeable but the brakes are sharp. You brake the way you want and the car brings itself to stop within no time.

What I personally loved is the N Line 3-spoke steering wheel. It feels nicer to hold than the normal steering and looks premium. The steering feedback is lovely. The car goes perfectly the way you want it to go and there’s minimal body roll because of the wide stance.

Should you buy one?

On our short stint with the i20 N Line, I can promisingly tell you that, this is the sportiest looking hot hatch in the country. While other manufacturers are still not making changes to their 10 year old design; Hyundai has elevated the design and styling game to another level.

With mild tweaks to the suspension, steering and a pretty thrilling exhaust note, it is worth the extra money over the normal i20. The N Line prices starts 9.84 lakh. So when are you going to get one?


Engine: 1.0 Litre TGDi Petrol

Max Power: 120PS@6000RPM

Max Torque: 172Nm@1500-4000RPM

Gearbox: iMT/7 Speed DCT

Acceleration: 9.9 Seconds to 100kmph

Variants: N6 iMT, N8 iMT, N8 DCT

Price: INR 9.84 lakh

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