BMW 2002 Hommage with new livery ready for Pebble Beach Concours, starting August 21st

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BMW has added some pizzazz to its 2002 Hommage Concept by giving it a new paint scheme that harks back to the original classic orange Jagermeister theme that featured on a lot of BMWs from 1970 to the late 1980s.

Up-front, you will see the large kidney grille, a whole lot of slats, openings and creases that give it the definition of the shark-nose design. Two headlamps are found peeping out of distinctive cut-outs, and the masculine wheel arches help give it the racecar pedigree it rightly deserves. Just like the original 2002 Turbo, this concept also boasts of a ducktail spoiler and a dramatic front apron.

This is clearly a small tribute paid to the original 1973 2002 Turbo – and will surely hit the auction block with Russo and Steele whilst the Monterey car week shows off some of the prized motorcars in the world. 002-bmw-2002-hommage

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