Tata to unveil Futuro sportscar under TAMO sub-brand

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Under Tata Motors’ new sub-brand, which is aimed to act as an incubating centre of innovation towards new technologies, partnerships and business models to help Tata define future mobility solutions, the company announced today the revealing of a new sportscar, built under the Tamo philosophy.

Sales of the mid-engined sportscar will be limited to only 250 units, since it is positioned as a halo model. While the design is believed to be an inspiration drawn from the Vauxhall VX220, we’re itching to know what the little concept is like.

From what appears to be seen under the wraps at the unveiling, the overall outline hints at a sporty and distinctive silhouette. Tata Motors is working hard to make sure they achieve an affordable sticker price of around Rs 25 lakh.

A blend of aluminium and composite plastics are being considered to help keep the car as light as possible, to help achieve good performance and fuel efficiency figures.

With the introduction of the TAMO sub-brand and its new sportscar, Tata intends to wipe out the old image and pave a new future for mobility, from ground-up. The car will make its debut on the 7th of March, at the 87th Geneva Motor Show.

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