Ford Mach-E: The All-New Mustang Inspired Electric SUV from Ford

Mustang Mach E Pitstop Weekly 1
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Mustang inspired Mach-E is Ford’s first entry into the electric vehicles world. The design looks like a crossover and is being inspired from the legendary Mustang. We have to admit that the design looks like Jaguar I-Pace and of course a bit of Tesla.  


The Mach-E is 5-Seater electric SUV that can travel up to 210 miles on a full charge. Higher variant can travel up to 300 miles. The Mach-E will go on sale from 2021 onwards.




Mach-E will be available in 5 Variants: 


  1. First Edition
  2. Select
  3. Premium
  4. California Route 1
  5. GT


Select will be the base variant and will be available in in both rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations and it houses a 75.7kWh “standard range” battery pack.


Mach-E Select RWD variant will have 230 miles range, 255 horsepower and will be able to hit 60 miles per hour in 6-7 seconds.


Mach-E Select AWD variant will be a second quicker to 60 miles per hour and will have a range of 210 miles only.


All variants will be available with RWD & AWD options and customers can pay more for a 98.8kWh “extended range” pack.


Plenty of options available like panoramic sunroof, B&O Sound System, The front trunk offers good storage space and it also works as a cooler!



Mach-E Interiors 


Mach-E gets one of the biggest 15.5 inch touchscreen which displays all the information and the design looks a bit of copy cat from the Tesla. Behind the steering wheel, we get a 10.2 inch instrument cluster. The Mach-E is a spacious 5 seater with a good amount of boot space.




Mach-E Performance


Mach-E comes in three driving modes – Whisper, Engage & Unbridled. The GT Performance is the top variant which will only be available in AWD version which will hit 60 miles in just under 3 seconds! Horsepower varies throughout between 255HP and 333HP


There is an option to turn on the noise which will give you a feel of driving an IC engine. 

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