Aston Martin DBX Revealed: All You Need To Know

DBX SUV Aston Martin 1
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Aston Martin DBX is officially unveiled and the world is going crazy over the most beautiful luxury SUV! The deliveries of the DBX will start post March 2020 and Aston Martin is pretty confident about the new SUV and hope it will account for two thirds of the global sales.

Aston Martin DBX

DBX SUV is powered by a 4.0 litre AMG sourced Turbocharged V8 engine which generates 550hp of power and a peak torque of 700Nm.

Aston Martin DBX will hit 96kmph in just 4.3 seconds and will have a top whack of 290kmph.

DBX features a smart all-wheel-drive system that features electronically controlled centre and rear differentials to distribute torque away from slipping wheels. The car is 100 percent rear-driven in normal use – for high-speed handling reasons – but when necessary, 50 percent of torque is directed to its front wheels.

DBX’s Suspension will raise the car 45mm higher or lower it by 50mm.

DBX will have 6 adaptive driving modes (four on road, two off road).

DBX rides on 22-inch Pirelli-shod wheels available in two different styles

DBX Interiors

DBX: First 500 Customers

The first 500 customers of the Aston Martin DBX will get the ‘1913 Package’, whose name celebrates the marque’s 106 years of life by adding unique body and sill badges plus a commemorative plaque.

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