Aston Martin unveils new Zagato models

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British sportscar veteran carmaker – Aston Martin – has revealed the Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake and Speedster models alongside the Coupe and Volante models.

Based on the Vanquish, the Speedster boasts of a smoother-flowing silhouette, double-bubble cowls at the rear and a lower-sloping windscreen, while the Vulcan-inspired tail lamps look spot-on. Under the bonnet lies a 5.9-litre V12 that makes 580bhp, and is mated to an 8-speed, Touchtronic III gearbox. The Speedster also gets body panels made from carbon-fibre, like on other Vanquish Zagato models. The Speedster should be able to manage the 0-100kph sprint in about 3.5 seconds or less.

The Shooting Brake, on the other hand, is a two-seater estate (possibly the coolest), but is aimed at a being a practical Grand Tourer. The roof extension also features the signature double-bubble design with glass inlays. And there’s also enough of the luxury factor when you open up the tail gate.

The Shooting Brake is expected to cost around Rs 5.5 crores, while the Speedster, being the more exclusive model – is expected to cost nearly 1 million pounds. The 99 cars of each – the Coupe, Volates and Shooting Brake will be made, while just 28 Speedsters will be produced.

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