Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe aka Speed Demon

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I don’t think I can make you understand how crazy the car is before the end of this article. The C63 S Coupe is one hell of a car – all thanks to the Affalterbach boys. This might sound a bit crazy, but trust me, you will love every inch of the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe aka Speed Demon.

Here I explain some of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Speed Demon.

  • Speed Demon aka C63 S Coupe is a very angry car

You know that the 510bhp twi-turbo 4-litre V8 is hand built by AMG engineers and every car that comes out of the Affalterbach facility is badass. A couple of seconds on the wide open throttle and you will know why. 510 horses under the hood will help you hit 100kmph in just 3.9 seconds. 700Nm is a huge amount of torque which goes all the way to rear axles which makes the tyres shred under heavy launch control trials. The peak torque starts at just 1750rpm while I feel a bit of lag, and once you go past 2000rpm, it surges forward with a mental shriek.

A small dab on the throttle will show you how angry the car is. I feel like the engineers have injected an evil spirit in to the car. The AMG GT is another mental product from Mercedes and this C63 S is powered by the same engine as that in the GT.

  • The exhaust note is badass, like a satanic gargle

The C63 S Coupe comes with an optional sports exhaust system which will help to wake your neighbours on a Sunday morning. My most favourite thing during the one week long test was to drive fast inside a tunnel and downshift. It is more like a satanic gargle which scares other drivers. I would suggest you to enjoy the music from the quad pipes and forget about the amazing Burmeister sound system.

  • You always get cut off by drivers of all ages

Trust me; the Coupe has more followers than the 4-door C63 S. The Coupe looks more stunning and sportier from all angles. The front end is similar to the C63 S but the side lines and rear end are different. The Coupe structure looks gorgeous from the sides and the rear gets quad piped exhausts and a small spoiler extruding from the boot. Our car had the race stripes, and the interiors were all black with yellow stitching on the seats. A mixture of red and black or beige and black would be lovely.

Look at the car from the rear and you will notice Mercedes is following the same design language for the entire Coupe range. Be it the S Class Coupe or the GLE Coupe, the rear end looks similar while the difference for SUV being, a beefier stance. The sedans look much better than the SUVs.

Step inside the amazing C63 S Coupe and the seatbelt holder will protrude towards your shoulders for easy access.

  • The AMG Sports seats are too hard

It’s a good thing that the AMG sports seats are optional. The seats are way too hard and you really can’t enjoy a long drive. I would suggest you opt for the normal seats and enjoy the madness.  Sticking to the sports seats will leave your bum cramped all the time. After all, we are not going for track days all the time.

I shouldn’t forget about the rear seats though. We get cramped rear seats; that’s what a Coupe is all about. Compared to other Coupe’s the rear space is better, you can carry two of your friends while the ingress and egress will be a bit bothersome.


  • It is an M4 killer

We have more power on tap than the M4. The bi-turbo V8 under the hood offers sinister like performance and more power than the M4 means you could beat the M4 on a quarter mile. The speed is electronically limited to 250kmph for both the cars and I am sure both the cars will comfortably achieve speed figures above the300kmph mark.

  • You will always feel the urge to do a hot lap in a race track

The C63 S Coupe is a proper sports car. Being in it will always want you go for hot laps since you can’t enjoy the madness on a public road. The V8 is mated to AMG’s seven speed sport transmission and switching off the ESC is not a great option unless you have enough experience to handle opposite lock.

This car loves to be driven hard and turning off the traction makes you a hooligan. All the 510 horses and 700Nm of torque goes to the rear wheels and the tyres lose control every time you hit a corner. But remember, if you are not as good as Ken Block, then turn on the traction which will keep you in control all the time. What is fun if everything is under control?

The optional Premium 3 Package comes with loaded safety features such as active blind spot assist, active lane keep assist, distronic plus w/ steering assist, and remarkably bright and focused adaptive LED headlights with highbeam assist. Other notable options were the colour heads-up display, carbon fiber front wing insert, carbon fiber rear diffuser insert, carbon fiber mirror caps, power trunk lid, AMG performance exhaust, and a welcoming 360-degree surround view camera system to keep those offset and staggered-sized 19-inch front and 20-inch rear forged AMG wheels from getting curbed.

Will you buy one?

Above listed are few of the reasons which explain why you shouldn’t buy this car. AMG’s are for the brave hearted and so is the C63 S Coupe. The Coupe has lot of power and more power means more responsibility. It is the kind of car which will make you behave a little wilder. Lighting fast gear shifts and amazing control will give you the confidence to play head to head with supercars. Every time you start the engine, the rev-happy V8 will make you fall in love. Men love women, but more than that, men love cars!

The only question remains is, whether you should go for the proper 4-door C63 S which we drove a year back or the sportier looking C63 S Coupe!

Engine 4.0 L – V8
Horsepower 510 (@ 5,500 – 6,250 rpm)
Torque 700 Nm (1,750 – 4,500 rpm)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds
Top Speed 250 km/h
Price USD 109,300

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