2021 BMW M340i Review: Why I Think the M340i Will Make The Perfect Single Car Garage!

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Photos: Hariprasad H

When it comes to BMW, they never fail to bring a smile on the driver’s face. The 3-Series is a lovely car! If I have to talk about the design, it is timeless! The 3 gets a not-so-oversized grille matching with the perfect low and long proportions. We just drove the M340i which is quite special because it looks stunning and anything with an M-badge will be freaking cool to drive. The M340i stands between the normal 3 Series and the M3. After spending three days driving the M340i, I feel this can be the perfect fit for a single car garage. Let me tell you why!

It can be used as your daily!


The fuel prices are hitting the apex! We will be paying 100 bucks for a litre in the near future. Can you imagine driving a car with a 6 cylinder petrol motor with over 380hp as your daily? Well, those lucky humans who opt to buy a car with an M-badge usually don’t think much about the efficiency. But here, with the M340i, you actually can save a lot of money when you are not doing the spirited driving. Put the car in Eco Pro mode and drive it just like a normal luxury sedan and you will be amazed to notice the fuel efficiency figures. For a moment, I thought it’s a diesel motor. The range didn’t drop even after a 150km drive. BMW confirms a promised fuel efficiency of 11.86kmph but honestly when you drive it super smooth; I felt it returns over 13kmpl! That sort of figure in a car which hits 100kmph in just 4.4 seconds was only in our dreams! Heck, its real now!



It can take around your family in style!


Family is high priority when you buy a car! Especially when you purchase a luxury sedan, the family needs comfort, luxury and style! The M340i offers the best of both worlds’ I would say. Definitely not Mercedes level comfort; the ride is a bit stiff being a sports sedan, but it is manageable overall.

The M340i fits best for 4 adults. Even at the rear, two full sized adults would fit. The fit and finish of the materials is top notch. Now, with this, it becomes easier to convince your family! They will love it for the space, comfort and thrills it offer!

When it comes to style, this is one of the most sexiest car in its class! The BMW Laser Lights with that kidney grille with mesh inserts not only fits the purpose, but it looks super stylish!

It gets an M Badge!

M is the most powerful letter when it comes to BMW. Anything with an M badge would make you grin. Here in the M340i, it carries few elements straight from the M division.

To start with, it gets 18-inch M light alloy wheels with M Sport brakes, M Sport suspension, M leather steering wheel with shift paddles and M seat belt. That’s a lot of equipment from BMW M division. These are not just parts for showoff. It makes the 340i a lot closer to the M3 in terms of dynamics. The M Sport suspension lowers the car by an additional 10mm which means you will have to drive across speed breakers carefully to save the under belly.

The steering feedback is one of the best you will ever experience this side of the M3. Steering weighs up well at higher speeds and the inputs are direct. Under the hood is the 6 cylinder twin turbo petrol motor which churns out 387bhp and a whopping 500Nm of torque. Unlike its siblings, the M340i comes with XDrive all-wheel drive technology to offer optimum traction. The car sprints from 0-100kmph in just 4.4 seconds. The engine is mated to an 8-speed sport steptronic transmission with launch control function.



The interior and tech is lovely!


There is lot of tech and the gadgets are lovely to use. You get gesture control, an amazing full HD touch screen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The centre tunnel of the dashboard gets a nice satin finish and then there is the very neatly designed digital instrument cluster. The seats are directly taken from the M-division which means that it is slightly on the harder side, but trust me, it is completely cool. You won’t mind spending hours on those seats!

The front seats cocoons in a perfect way that even when thrown around corners hard, you will stay on it without unsettling much. And unlike other variants which shows off luxury, here in the M340i, its black everywhere which shouts sportiness. The M340i gets a nice ambient lighting across the dashboard and door pad which looks super cool at night.


It should be far more affordable than the M3

This is the best part! Believe me! A Car which almost feels like an M3 in driving dynamics and performance with killer looks is going cost you much more lesser than the M3. If you want a 3 Series but with M3 level of performance and sportiness, you can go for the M340i. It should be super affordable. However let us wait for the launch!


It is simply the best in class!

This is the first car review I am doing without pointing even a single con. After spending three days driving the M340i, I seriously can’t find anything which is not so cool. It is a sports sedan which offers luxury, performance, space, practicality and what not! I just love every bit of it. Not because I am a BMW fan boy, but because this is simply the best car in the class! You don’t even think twice, just put your money and get yourself an M340i. It will make you grin every single time you drive it! Happy sideways!




Engine: Inline 6-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo 3L Petrol

Power: 387hp

Torque: 500Nm

0-100kmph: 4.4 Seconds

Transmission: 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission

Ground Clearance: 110mm

Boot Space: 480L


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