Why the BTWIN Rockrider 340 is the best entry level MTB?

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Photos: Nithya Rubini B

There is a hefty growth in the adventure seeking community in India:  the reason for an  increase in the number of Decathlon stores around the country. We all love to visit Decathlon’s store, not to buy the goodies we want, but just to explore the various options they have to offer. We do have similar adventure stores around the country, but not as big as, and neither do their offer a wide product portfolio as good as Decathlon. We go around and find out that the Rockrider 340 is the best entry level MTB.

Despite the fact that Rockrider 340 is an entry level MTB, it holds a strong mid-level frame with two extra reinforcements in the areas where the upper and lower tubes meet the head tube. The Rockrider 340 looks pretty good and strong from all angles, but still the 540 which we saw from the store is strikingly good. However, you will mistake the 340 for the 540 at times, but a closer look at the frame will help you to differentiate.

The frame is made from reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminium that combines durability and low weight and is painted with 3 coats of paint, and varnished designs for long-lasting protection comes with a life time warranty as well.

The 36 spoke wheels hold  26”x1.95 tyres, which is not bad for an entry level MTB. However, we feel changing it to 26”x2.00 all-terrain tyres would suit it better for off-road riding. We have a quick release option as well for easy maintenance and transport.

The gear ratios in this bicycle will be useful for beginners on trails, including the lowest gear. The Shimano Tourney derailleurs themselves work well, but not accurate, nor fast. Even if it takes the chain to the requested gear the lag is evident and will take a pedal or two to feel the speed shift. SRAM offers the MRX 21 twist grip shifters, featuring analogue indicator that shows the gear you are currently using, something also useful for rookies. While we are on the decline grip shifter usage, these grip shifts from SRAM are clearly one of the most comfortable shifters to use in terms of length, padding and rotational smoothness. There are no complaints in gearing as long as you have good knowledge on how and when to shift.

Our Rockrider 340 features a 600 mm-wide handlebar, which enhances control on descents, while ensuring a relatively comfortable position while climbing. However, we suggest you try out the best suitable size from the store before you finalize your purchase.

The front suspension is adjustable, while there is no suspension at the rear. You will complain a bit about the hard saddle on long rides, but eventually you will get used to it.

Overall, the 340 is a good entry level MTB which costs Rs. 15,999/-. The price doesn’t include any accessories. You will need to make purchases – right from the side stand to a heavy list of options we can choose from. Decathlon is offering a 3 month free check-up if you take your cycle to the store and we highly recommend that you check the MTB on a regular basis for smooth running.





















Exclusive Rockrider 340 frame with a raised steering position for multi-purpose use.Made from reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminium that combines durability and low weight. “Sloped” unisex frame geometry is suitable for both men and women. Painted with 3 coats of paint and varnished designs for long-lasting protection.



Suntour XCT fork with 80 mm of travel and a stiffness adjustment dial.



No rear suspension. Weight adjusting front suspension.



Triple-chainring steel chainset (22/32/42 teeth) with a plastic guard.Shimano TY21 7-speed rear derailleur.Shimano TZ30 or Microshift MS22 front derailleur. SRAM MRX21 grip shifters with speed indicators. Shimano TZ21 cassette with 7 cogs, 14-28 teeth.KMC Z51 chain, wide for greater durability.



Front and rear V-brake system with a helical spring for more powerful braking. Aluminium MTB brake levers that require only 2 fingers to operate.



Semi-raised mountain bike handlebar for added comfort while riding. 600 mm wide steel handlebar that combines comfort and stability.



Aluminium stem, 90 mm (XS / S / M) or 110 mm (L / XL), with a 10° angle for maximum comfort.



Aheadset-type headset for greater resistance to impacts and rigidity in turns.B’Twin Sport 300 grips have a soft-touch finish for better grip and to extend the grip shifters.



B’Twin Sport 100 saddle with high density foam for added comfort.



Steel MTB seat post with a 29.8 mm diameter and 350 mm long.



B’Twin Alloy Single Wall 26″ wheel with single-walled rims.Wide for longer-lasting durability. 36 spokes for greater resistance to impact. Quick-release on the front wheel for easier maintenance, transport and storage.Lock nut on back wheel to reduce risk of theft.



New Ralson Mountain Bike 26″ x 1.95 tyres. High-performance tyres with buttons best suited for on road and short trails.



Flat mountain bike pedals with bearings, made from hard resin for less weight and added safety (less aggressive in the event of a slippery pedal).



14.85 kg in size M without pedals.


If you will need a spare part​ to be replaced, we have it all at our workshop. You will have to drop by our workshop to get your cycle serviced.

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