2019 Kawasaki KX250, KX450 and KLX450R launched in India

KX250 MY19
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India Kawasaki announces launch of MY19 KX250, KX450 and KLX450R in India. The MY19 KX450 benefits from a new engine mounted in its leanest chassis to date, enabling it to turn even quicker lap times, and make it the most powerful machine in the paddock.

Complementing its high performance, a number of new features – including finger-follower valve actuation, electric start and a hydraulic clutch. Finger-follower valve enables larger-diameter valves and more aggressive cams. While the KX450’s engine has always been a strength, the KX250 has an easy to use high rpm range and outstanding suspension. The MY19 KX450 gets even more powerful engine along with electric start.

In case of KLX450R, an LED rear light has been fitted for the benefit of the distant competition along with digital instrumentation which includes a speedometer, twin tripmeters, odometer and clock.

In the other notable changes, the KX450 now has a new lightweight aluminium perimeter frame, which has revised rigidity. While the addition of electric start and the return to a coil-spring fork add weight, efforts were made to keep the weight gain to a minimum.

Matching the KX450’s increased power, increased front and rear traction ensure the bike can put power to the ground and get around corners quickly. A new front brake master cylinder offers better initial control, while contributing to overall braking performance.

Model Price (ex-showroom)
KX250 Rs. 7,43,000
KX450 Rs. 7,79,000
KLX450R Rs. 8,49,000

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