Stuart Oliver captures glory again at the T1 PRIMA TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP 2015

March 15, 2015 – Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, Season II
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At the action-packed, rain-hit Season II T1 Prima Truck Racking, STUART OLIVER of TEAM CASTROL VECTON captured glory yet again. Starting second on the grid in SUPER QUALIFYING, he went on to clinch the title for the second time, in the 16-lap FINAL RACE, helping TEAM CASTROL VECTON grab Team Title.

STEVE THOMAS of TEAM ALLIED PARTNERS, who qualified fastest on Saturday, was the first runner-up, with STEVEN POWELL of TEAM TATA TECHNOLOGIES clinching the second runner-up spot.

The massive and powerful Tata PRIMA race trucks proved to be a treat for motorsports fanatics in an intense race at India’s F1 track, the Buddh International Circuit, as the event witnessed over 45,000 spectators. Edge-of-the-seat action for overtaking and high speed corners had the audience roaring with each twist and turn. The championship points were granted to the winning driver, and combined team driver points determined the winning team.

STUART OLIVER, T1 Prima Truck Racing Champion 2015 said “It was an amazing experience. I think one thing I want to say is a big huge thank you to all the fans coming out all this way, all the flags, all the caps, everything, it made such a difference this weekend. I really, really do appreciate it. (Driver Name – First & Last) & (Driver Name – First & Last) were phenomenal competitors. They did an amazing job today of keeping me on my toes, pushing me all the way up to the podium. ‘It means even more than the first one. I feel so blessed.”

STUART OLIVER further went on to add, “The Tata Prima race trucks were fantastic. It’s been an amazing championship, with so much improvement to the truck that it just goes to show the capability of the vehicle and how the sport can be scaled up, with more power and speed, a delight for every motorsports fanatic. I would like to thank Tata Motors for having all of us over and for having done an incredible job with the Tata PRIMA.”

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