MG’s Marvel R is Pushed to the Limits in the Hot Weather of the Middle East

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MG Motor has confirmed it has been conducting hot weather testing of its all-electric and exciting Marvel R model in the Middle East.  This marks a crucial phase for the MG brand as it looks to pave the way for future all-electric car launches in this region.  The car has been pushed to the limits as part of a range of different evaluations in various hot weather situations and conditions,to ensure it lives up to the high standards delivered by the rest of MG product lineup.

The MG Marvel R embodies a progressive design interpretation of the future that endows it withan attractive and powerful presence.  The Marvel R is a zero-emission,all-electric flagship SUV from MG that offers unparalleled class-leading features, comfort, safety, reliability,as well as range.It exemplifies the dynamic and progressive nature of the brand. The first stage ofthe Marvel R testing in the region occurred in the UAE in 2021 and under cooler conditions. This second testing stage is now taking place in the extreme hot weather conditions of the UAE and soon across all the GCC markets.

The all-electric Marvel R from MG is a full battery-electric SUV for a new generation of drivers who value innovative design, personal comfort, outstanding performance, and a confident range with fast charging capabilities.  The car has an eye-catching look to match its inner strength.  A smooth, sporty design accentuates the SUV coupe body type, with a low and rear-leaning centre of gravity.  The forceful and elegant X-shaped face flows from the front into wide, bold body contours, forming an unmistakably powerful design statement.

The car is equipped with innovative technology to offer the driver an immersive, exhilarating drive.  Middle East drivers will get to experience technology at an advanced level with real-time functional information and personalised entertainment, whilemaking the most of hands-free music, navigation, phone, and vehicle controls.  The car’s Zero-emission performance has a 70-Kilowatt battery and a maximum range of 402 kilometres (WLTP).  With three electric motors, a combined 288 PS, and 665 Nm performance, the MG Marvel R accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

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