McLaren teases ‘Ultimate Series’ roadcar; to be fastest yet

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McLaren has revealed a teasing image of what will succeed the P1, and is said to be their fastest roadcar yet. It has been introduced as part of the ‘Track 22’ business plan and is described as ‘the most extreme, track-oriented roadcar McLaren has designed to date”.


The BP23 hypercar is a different project of course, that features a three-seater layout, like in the legendary McLaren F1. As can be seen, the picture released by the manufacturer reveals a triple-exhaust layout, facing upwards with the logo below.


McLaren states that the design will be ‘brutal’, and ‘the purest expression yet of the brand’s form-follows-function philosophy’. You can look forward to seeing a lot of slashes, air-inlets/ducts and probably a functional wing too, to aid in aerodynamics.


The company also states that the car will be revealed to the public only in early 2018. Watch this space for further updates on McLaren’s upcoming road-cum-track machine.

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