Maserati Could Re-enter F1 As Title Sponsor Of Haas Team

Maserati Trofeo 24-25 Aprile 2010  _VA22151.JPG
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 Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne seems to be looking to revive his group’s illustrious names in motorsport. He has successfully made Alfa Romeo the title sponsor of Sauber for next season and it could be followed by Maserati into F1 reportedly.


Italian media says Ferrari is currently holding talks of rebranding its partnership with the Haas team to fit in Maserati into Grand Prix racing scenes once again. Maserati has a storied history to back it up as Juan Manuel Fangio was the first to bring the Bologna-based marque to success during the 1957 season.


He claimed a world title for Maserati and strengthened its spot within the sport for following years. In the last five decades though the Italian brand was nowhere to be seen and in order bring it back to past glory and of course increase the footprint of the brand, Marchionne appears to be eyeing a partnership with Haas.


Corriere della Sera speculated that Marchionne and team owner Gene Haas are in discussions and the American big-shot reportedly declined to comment. This would also mean that the supercar brand’s quit threat of F1 in nothing but a hoax and as some say, Ferrari needs F1 as much as F1 needs Ferrari.

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