Harley Owners takeover Kochi with the biggest zonal H.O.G. Rally

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September 11th – 13th, 2015 witnessed hundreds of Harley-Davidson® Owners ride into Kochi as the city played host to the 4th Southern H.O.G. ® Rally. More than 1000 Harley owners from across 15 H.O.G. Chapters – some having ridden from as far as Chandigarh and Jaipur – gathered for a unique experience created exclusively by and for Harley owners, making this the largest zonal rally so far.

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The two-day event saw an exciting line-up of inter-chapter activities like – an exclusive ride for the Harley owners, a traditional Sadya Kerela lunch, arm wrestling, human foosball competition, biker burnout battles, and the prestigious H.O.G. Custom Contest. Harley owners bonded with each other over their mutual love for adventure and passion for motorcycling. The rally also witnessed many Harley owners who are in quest of the Big 5 Patch, which is awarded each year to riders who cover all the zonal rallies and the India H.O.G. Rally in one year.

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The highlight of the event – the signature H.O.G. Custom Contest, gave riders an opportunity to show-off their creative spirits through their motorcycles. The element of customization and personalization is central to the Harley ownership experience, and enables riders to discover and express themselves through their motorcycles.


The 4th Southern H.O.G. Rally, which marks the advent of the riding season, which spans from September to March, has seen exceptional growth over the past 4 years. From 200 riders, the participation has grown to a whooping 1000 riders. The Southern Rallies have always been amongst the most actively participated rallies because of the unique and exhilarating experiences that the South Indian peninsula has to offer.

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Jose EP, Director, Spice Coast Chapter, Kochi added, “Every edition we see hundreds of Harley owners ride together, covering thousands of kilometers, and this is a true testimony to the camaraderie that the Harley owners share. The 4th Southern H.O.G. Rally was the first time Spice Coast got a chance to welcome its brothers to Kochi, and we hope that all the riders had a great experience.”



Spread annually across the year, the zonal H.O.G. rallies aim at providing the Harley owners great riding experiences across various terrains. Increasingly, more and more Harley owners are eager to take out time from their busy schedules to join the brotherhood at the H.O.G. Rallies. The rallies are a true reflection of the passion that the Harley owners share for the brand and the H.O.G. brotherhood. After this the brotherhood is all set to ride to Chandigarh for the 4th Northern H.O.G. Rally from November 20th – 22nd.


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