Harley Owners Group take Aurangabad by storm for the 4th Western H.O.G.® Rally

4th Western H.O.G. Rally at Aurangabad
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More than 500 Harley® owners gathered for the first zonal rally of the season


Hundreds of Harley owners thundered down the streets of Aurangabad, as the city played host to the 4th Western H.O.G. Rally from April 17th – April 19th, 2015. The first zonal rally of the season saw an exceptional turnout of more than 500 Harley owners coming in from all over the country, celebrating everything that is great about motorcycles and motorcycling culture.


Spread annually across the riding season from September to April, these zonal rallies focus on offering great riding experiences to Harley owners and their families. Both new and seasoned riders came together from across the 14 Chapters to kick-start the zonal rallies for this year. During the two-day event Harley owners indulged in various inter-chapter HOG activities, electrifying music performances and a special H.O.G. ride to the ancient Ellora caves.


Tushar Nagarkar, Director, Two-Rivers, Harley-Davidson® said, “It was great to see Harley owners travel long distances to join the brotherhood in Aurangabad. The riders continue to motivate us and inspire us with their passion for motorcycling and love for open roads. We are thrilled to have hosted this year’s Western H.O.G. Rally, and we hope that everyone had a memorable experience.”



Customization is central to the Harley ownership experience, which allows the owners to express their creativity. Standing true to this testimony, the highlight of the event – the signature Custom contest – saw a fleet of brilliantly customized motorcycles, depicting the passion of their owners.


On winning the custom contest, Prakash Bhatt said, “I am extremely thrilled on winning the Custom Contest, and I feel honored on being acknowledged for my creativity. While each Harley-Davidson motorcycle is unique in its own way, through customization a rider is able to express his personal ideas and impressions and create something truly unique.”



With over 8,000 Harley owners all over India, the H.O.G. rallies have only become bigger and more spectacular with each edition. During these zonal rallies Harley owners bond over their love for adventure, self-expression and freedom of riding, creating lifelong friendships and true connections.

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