Harley-Davidson introduces Harley-Davidson® Originals, a pre-owned program

Harley-Davidson Road King_Picture 1
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Experiencing and owning a piece of the iconic Harley-Davidson® lifestyle is now more of a reality with the introduction of Harley-Davidson® Originals, a pre-owned program that comes with a host of benefits.

All Harley-Davidson Originals come with a 99-point quality check assurance via stringent examination, thus giving customers peace of mind when they take the keys to their motorcycles..

Additionally, all Harley-Davidson Originals motorcycles come with an official Harley-Davidson warranty for one year and is similar to the warranty that is issued on new motorcycles, with an option to extend it for a further two or three years should one require.

Buying a Harley-Davidson Originals motorcycle also opens up the world of Harley Owner’s Group (HOG). HOG is the largest owner’s club sponsored by Harley-Davidosn with close to one million members across the world. Every owner will have the opportunity to sign up and become a HOG member and share their passion for freedom and adventure with the rest of the Harley-Davidson community.

Fuelling motorcycle enthusiasts and inspiring freedom, Harley-Davidson Originals is sure to open the road to many more riders across the country.

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