Diesel ban in India: Delhi and Kerala get a blow from the NGT

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Car makers are now ramping wild after the recent ban over 2000cc diesel vehicles by the National Green Tribunal, first brought into effect in Delhi and now followed by Kerala. The circuit bench has given orders to the state government stating that any diesel vehicle above 2000cc should not be registered, sparing public transport and local authority vehicles.

Any vehicles in Kerala that are more than 10 years old will not have the permission to tread on the roads. People who go against these orders will have to end up paying a fine of Rs 5000 as environmental compensation, which is said to be used to help improve the environment in cities like Thrissur, Kollam, Kannur, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. Talks of having other cities on the this list are in the pipeline – namely Metropolitans like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

This is bound to have an impact on the SUV and MPV market, considering how profitable a segment it has proved to be over the years. If this decision gets the green light for other cities as well, it will have a very negative affect across the automotive industry, with the number of diesel vehicle units being sold dropping drastically.

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