13th BMW Art Car arrives in India

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Sandro Chia – a popular Italian artist’s work, was displayed across the frame of a beautiful BMW M3 GTR which had been worked upon back in 1992, at an Art Fair in New Delhi recently.

BMW’s Art Cars are also fondly known as Rolling Sculptures that happen to be true expressions of the artist and automotive design. Eighteen artists from farflung corners of the world have been creating Art Cars since 1975.

In 1992, Sandro was the only Italian artist who was granted permission to experiment his artistic ideas on a BMW Art Car, giving it a distinctive look.

Mr. Frank Schloeder, President, BMW Group India said, “Cultural communication has been one of the long-standing commitments of BMW Group. The partnerships we build strengthen intercultural dialogue and create platforms for multidisciplinary exchange. The BMW Art Cars collection spans the work of prominent artists across continents. Together they form a mirror of contemporary culture, as exemplary as it is unique. Through the exclusive showcase of the BMW Art Car by Sandro Chia at the India Art Fair, we bring yet another coveted masterpiece of art closer to connoisseurs and patrons of art.”

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