Women Drivers Do Not Want Separate Racing Series

woman driver
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Potential plans for a women-only racing series were drawn up for 2019 launch. The Press Association noted a document circulated earlier this year in which a London-based firm proposed a summer series with six races featuring leading female drivers from around the world.

No announcement for a number of months was expected as they are undertaking a lot of research and completing strategy. It came more than two years after ex Formula 1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone floated the idea of a separate championship for female drivers on GP weekends.

The idea had split opinion that time and fast forwarding two years, Carmen Jorda has been appointed to the FIA’s Women Commission now. It has indeed caused an outrage as she does not have any big record in racing and she supports the standalone series.

Some established female drivers were sceptical and believe a women’s-only championship may harm and undermine their position within the industry and you cannot blamed them too.

Lella Lombardi of Italy and Maria Teresa de Filippis are the only female drivers to start an F1 race in the championship’s history, with Lombardi scoring half a point at the 1975 Spanish GP. In 2014, Susie Wolff became the first woman for 22 years to compete in a practice session and made four Friday appearances for Williams.

Tatiana Calderon served as a development driver for Sauber in addition to her racing commitments in GP3.

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