Williams Could Tie With The Ailing Honda

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The multiple-time world champions, Williams, have denied rumours that they could revive a Formula One partnership with Honda if the speculated McLaren break-up is on the table.

The Woking-based team’s principal Claire Williams said she is happy with its current engine supplier Mercedes who has the superior 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrid power unit out of them all. She also stated that they had a fantastic relationship in the ‘80s (won the world title with Nelson Piquet in 1987) but there have no talks been held regarding a potential tie-up for next year.

Williams finished fifth overall in 2016 two places down from what was achieved a year ago. McLaren, the second most successful team ever, are currently last in the championship and they have not scored a point until now this year.

Honda will be supplying the Sauber team with engines next year but in order for the Japanese manufacturer to come out of their woes, they need a big player like the now-frustrated McLaren to stay or Williams to come in which is highly unlikely at this stage.

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