What To Expect From Bajaj-Triumph Alliance

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The Pune-based manufacturer has freshly announced a new partnership with the iconic Triumph Motorcycles. The official statement read that Bajaj and Triumph are involved in a “non-equity partnership” which aims to deliver mid-capacity motorcycles taking advantages of the strengths of both the companies.

The new deal has its roots back nearly a decade ago. It is more like the TVS and BMW collaboration that will target the middleweight bike range. The various contributions of the two storied two-wheeler manufacturers will involve sharing design and development, quality and cost competitiveness, worldwide distribution, brand positioning and perception.

Triumph is betting big on expanding its global reach by entering products in the higher volume based segments in the emerging markets across the globe. The partnership would benefit Bajaj in such a way that it will get access to the engineering and other possible expertise of the legendary British marque. It will enable widening its domestic as well as international portfolio and we suspect something big brewing in the horizon as a new cruiser range to compete against Royal Enfield might be mustered in the near future.

Triumph is said to get their hands on the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of Bajaj in Chakan near Pune and ship motorcycles worldwide prompting low production costs. As India is one of the fastest growing markets, Triumph could fancy a big chunk of the premium categories with locally-made motorcycles that could be developed specifically as opposed to its global fleet.

A mid-capacity motorcycle produced by Bajaj and badged Triumph will be exported to foreign markets in the next three years. Bajaj’s foreign aspirations will likely be boosted by this partnership, making the door open for higher capacity bikes with affordability in check.

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