What Makes Apache RR310 Different From Its Rivals?

TVS Apache RR 310 1
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The Apache RR310 was sure about its racing pedigree and we waited almost two years to get treated by the actual road-going model. Whether you are a hardcore riding enthusiast or enjoy learning about motorcycles in leisure time, you would be well-aware that the RR310 is not just any other Apache you have seen on the road.


That will play a key contribution for its sales. TVS is aiming at selling 10,000 units in the next 12 months and indeed has its hopes high. TVS is the most successful domestic two-wheeler brand on race track and has won accolades in aplenty through the decades and slowly everything dripped into the production version.


What hides underneath the Shark-inspired bodywork of the RR310 is some clever thinking from the engineers at TVS. You do get lost thinking that it’s more of a TVS Racing’s track bike for the road and the body graphics and minute details do reflect on the 35 years of racing experience. You are absolutely right though!


The level of commitment put on testing the bike is incredible. It has spent hours and hours of wind tunnel testing on an airstrip and more than 3,000 laps on MMRT to make sure the suspension setup is bang on. Clearly the most spec-keen of you might be skeptical over the pricing and consider that it is on the high side compared to the R3 that has one more cylinder and some more horsepower?


I would like to disagree because, on a simple case, the price difference between the RR and R3 is too big to justify on the Yamaha’s favour. But, how about its closest rival, the KTM RC390? The Austrian sportsbike is an absolute track weapon and would hardly serve the Apache enthusiasts looking to step up from their RTRs aiming for everyday use and versatility as part of the package.


So what really is the Apache RR310? It sits right in between the Yamaha R3 and the KTM RC 390 by trying to strike all the right chords they are famous for. TVS has positioned the engine inclined to the rear, so that, the wheelbase can be maintained shorter and the swing arm can be built longer for optimal agility and stability through corners.


The riding position is not as aggressive as the RC and combined with the tall windscreen and low seat height, it is in fact a sports tourer for daily road use. However, the aerodynamic vents and arguably the gorgeous stock bike design from an Indian motorcycle maker till date have plenty to do with its performance.


It has a low drag co-efficient for easing through the wind and gets world-renowned Kayaba made suspension while the closed loop fuel injection is from Bosch for apt feedback. The Apache RR310 shares engine and gearbox with the popular BMW G310R but to suit the super sport characteristics, there are some changes made.


For better initial acceleration the RR has a slightly bigger tooth sprocket while the chassis is tuned to differ from the naked street fighter for a touring as well as track-biased optimal setup. TVS decided to offer a full-spec dual ABS system with Bybre calipers and it works in tandem with the 41 mm USD forks and monoshock rear but the slipper clutch will be sorely missed.


So, the RR310 has the basics covered and indeed comes with more purpose than just outright speed and slots right in the middle of the rather-too-soft for track R3 and the strictly-track-ready RC390. The other main competitors have to be the Bajaj Dominar and KTM Duke 250. Both have the technical specifications to match the RR310 but the price bracket is so close that the buyers will get carried away by the TVS’ near-perfect looks.

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