Volvo Trucks: New features introduced for the range to aid Middle East business

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As part of its commitment to setting new standards in sustainable transport solutions, premium Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo Trucks has revealed five new industry-leading features across their FH, FMX and FM ranges. The new features are designed specifically forindustry truckoperatorsworking in the challenging climate and varied topographiesof Middle East countries and provide industry business operators with brand new world class technology solutions that increase their overall uptime while decreasing their overall fleet management costs.

I-Shift with crawler gears
Volvos Trucks’ industry leading, automated gearbox, I-Shift, is now available with a crawler gear option. Volvo Trucks’ new version of I-Shift makes it possible to add up to two new crawler gears. Offering an entirely new scope for trucks with automated transmission, I-Shift with crawler gears makes it possible to start from a standstill in extreme situations, meaning the driver can haul a heavy load without worrying about getting into situations that may lead to costly standstills. Combining crawler gears with a suitable rear axle ratio that optimises engine revs at high speeds, results in lower fuel consumption on the highway. This is a significant benefit to haulage firms doing this kind of work.

Automatic Traction Control
Developed for tough environments, Volvo Automatic Traction Control, which is already used on Volvo’s articulated haulers, is now standard on the Volvo FMX front-wheel-drive trucks; 4×4, 6×6, 8×6, 10×6. Volvo’s Automated Traction Control offers drivers improved manoeuvrability and fleet owners the ‎added benefits of lower fuel consumption and decreased wear and tear. The system ensures that the ‎optimal drive combination is always enabled, removing the decision from the driver. The system consists of software connected to the wheels’ speed sensors, which detect and control wheel drive. When a rear wheel starts to slip, power is transferred automatically to the front wheels without the truck losing torque or speed. A coupling clutch activates the front-wheel drive in just half a second.

Volvo Dynamic Steering for dual front axels
Volvo Dynamic Steering combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electronically regulated electric motor fitted to the steering gear. The result is precise steering that gives the truck driver a safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable working environment. Designed and engineered with drivers in mind Volvo Dynamic steering elevates the steering of heavy vehicles to an entirely new dimension. This innovation can reduce wear and tear injuries on drivers keeping them on the road which in turn benefits business productivity.

I-Shift for severe duty applications
Specially optimised for severe duty applications, this rugged version of the I-Shift automated manual transmission is engineered for a wide range of construction and oil field applications. The gears and the hardware in the severe-duty I-Shift have been hardened to withstand frequent shifting in rugged operational environments like the varied landscapes and topography found throughout the Middle East. The enhanced I-Shift gearbox now offers more efficiency and productivity benefits for automated manual transmission and integrated powertrain to customers operating in tough vocational applications while providing improved uptime and longer component life.

Increased front axel loads
Volvo Trucks’heavy duty modelswith dual front axles increase the maximum technical capacity from 18 to 20 tonnes. Customers benefit from both improved productivity and added flexibility. The extra load capacity translates directly into increased income-earning potential, something that is particularly valuable when transporting heavy materials in construction operations. Higher load capacity above the front axles also permits a greater variety of crane configurations and allows other applications with considerable weight on the front axles.

Commenting on Volvo Trucks’ new product offering Lars-Erik Forsbergh, President of Volvo Trucks for the Middle East‎said: “The varied landscapes and topographies of the Middle East are some of the world’s most challenging when it comes to transport operations. However, this is where Volvo Trucks excels and via our pioneering design and technology, we have a long and proud legacy in supporting ourcustomers handle heavy loads even in challengingoff-road terrain and harsh climate only found in the Middle East.

“Today our product offering is stronger than ever. We have a wide range of trucks that cover the needs of most applications and the service and support provided by our local dealer network and service facilitiesare second to none. Altogether, our trucks, products and services offer the best solution for every need. We are also continuously improving, expanding and developing our products to meet new and specific customer needs.”

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