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Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants has launched theShell Advance AX5 Scooter engine oil – a product designed exclusively for four stroke automatic transmission scooters.


Shell Advance AX5 Scooter is the first of its kind offering from Shell Lubricants for the scooter segment in the country. Consisting of a premium mineral base oil and a scooter-specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology, the product aims to prevent oil thickening and reduction in formation of insoluble deposits while promoting cooling in the engine. Shell Advance AX5 Scooter has been launched in the 10W30 viscometric grade and meets the API SL and JASO MB specifications.


At present, the scooter segment in India is heavily dependent on products designed for bikes to meet their requirements. Shell Advance AX5 Scooter is an extension of the Shell Advance portfolio in India.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nitin Prasad, Managing Director, Shell Lubricants India said, “At Shell Lubricants, we always strive to understand the market demand and deliver quality products for all our consumers across segments. There is a distinct disparity in the Indian market with respect to lubricants available for various segments. Within the two wheeler segment, scooters still remain a relatively untapped market for lubricants in India. Shell Advance AX5 Scooter is a proud addition to Shell Lubricant’s expanding product portfolio and presents us with an opportunity to strengthen and diversify our offerings in India.”


Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India added “We are happy to introduce Shell Advance AX5 Scooter exclusively for the scooter segment in India. We have rolled out an extensive Pan India on-ground awareness program along with stakeholder engagement campaigns to create a buzz around the product. At Shell Lubricants it has been our prerogative to reach out to newer consumer segments through product innovation and Research & Development and we shall continue to do so.”



The product is available across the country and has been priced at INR 280 for an 800 ml pack.

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