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Royal Enfield will swing back to the 1960s at this year’s Goodwood Revival with two retro-themed marquees.  An authentic Royal Enfield 1960s dealership has been designed to help those at Goodwood relive a golden era for British motorcycling. The marquee will include themed artwork, product catalogues, signage and a fully equipped service bay where a live revival of a 1949 350cc Model G will take place over the course of the three day festival.

Former Enfield engineer, 81 year old Maurice Mumford, will be on hand to offer the Royal Enfield mechanics first-hand advice, having worked on the 1949 Model G at the Westwood plant in the1950s.  Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal will lead a London to Goodwood ride out, with Maurice Mumford also among the 20 riders travelling to the classic motor festival on Continental GTs. Members of the UK media will join guests from Australia, Indonesia, India and the USA also on Friday’s ride.

In keeping with the revival theme at the festival, 93 year old World War II military messenger, George Brown, will model Royal Enfield’s latest Despatch Rider clothing range. The new range, inspired by despatch riders of the World Wars, includes a mix of riding gear, lifestyle accessories and apparel.

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