Ladies and gentlemen, the Veyron’s successor: Bugatti Chiron

Weltexklusiv: MOTOR REVUE zeigt den neuen Bugatti Chiron / Neue Ausgabe erscheint am 14. November 2014 / 32 Seiten Ferrari-Spezial / Exklusive Reportage über Autoschätze in Liverpools U-Bahnschächten
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Bugatti have found a way to back-up the Veyron’s absence with an even faster car that is bound to be bursting at the seams with newfangled technology. Now we know this may sound like a bit too less to know about, but stay tuned, and we’ll have more coming up over the months. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Chiron (say Shir-on, please)

This is a hypercar unlike any other, taking the game forward, leaving the Veyron 16.4 in the history books. And let’s not forget how it kept its competition in check.

Perhaps the Veyron never scored on certain attributes that involve a precise steering and what not. But it was a Bugatti, and that’s why people bought it. The new Chiron is said to employ the 16-cylinder configuration again in W formation, with hopes of a 14-cylinder motor in the works. Power should estimate to about 1500bhp – something at par with most F1 cars.


Specs of the Chiron

Maximum power: 1500bhp
Torque target: 1500Nm
Projected top speed: 463 kmph
0-62mph time 2.0sec

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