McLaren Excited About 2018 Chances With Renault

Mclaren Renault F1
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After mastering a customer supply of Renault engines for 2018, McLaren has been thrilled by the up in pace a new front wing concept has brought. The development has come good and Fernando Alonso believed that McLaren now has the best car in qualifying but only a very few would agree with him perhaps.

McLaren executive director Zak Brown said the steps made in recent races have been hugely encouraging for next year and is increasing excitement levels about what can be achieved. Despite no dramatic change to the F1 car regulations for next year, some tweaks to the rules are there.

It includes the entry of the Halo and the banning of monkey-seats and T-wings that are suggested to have huge impact on aerodynamic designs. Eric Boullier said he trusts the team he has and there is no reason why they cannot come out on top once again. McLaren is 100 percent sure of fighting with Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull at the top next year.

McLaren has had troubled times since renewing the evocative partnership with Honda as an engine supplier. It has faced all the setbacks possible and was plagued by lack of points. Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne have endured difficult races in most of the weekends.

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