Honda And Toro Rosso Engine Talks Collapsed

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Honda was all set for supplying engines to a new Formula One team despite struggles with its power unit. After the agreement with Sauber failed to materialise, the extra data gathered would help development with McLaren.

Talks were ongoing for several weeks, even though Toro Rosso already has a deal with Renault in place for next year. But it is reported the two parties could not keep a deal in place regarding the financial aspects.

With time running out for an agreement between Toro Rosso and Honda to be aptly prepared for 2018, it was mutually agreed that the talks would end. This means Toro Rosso will stay put with Renault power units for next year.

However, if the switch had happened, it would have been the team’s third engine supplier in as many years. While Honda and Toro Rosso did not confirm of the matter, it remains skeptical whether Honda will continue with McLaren next season after a really tough campaign.

McLaren seems to be evaluating its options despite Ferrari and Mercedes have made it clear they won’t supply engines to the big rival. If McLaren splits with Honda, they would be forced to join hands with Renault.

Considering that the timing for the only real option is running short as well, McLaren may well stick with Honda instead.

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