Bentley’s coach-builder Mulliner, pushes bespoke luxury to another level

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Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke coach-building division, is revealing its latest collection of creationsacross Bentley’s range of models, showcasing quintessential British craftsmanship and unrivalled, handcrafted luxury. With these latest additions to the Mulliner offering, the Middle East’s discerning Bentley owners can express their personal flair in ever more ways.

Hidden Delights
With Hidden Delights, Mulliner’s attention to detail serves to surprise and delight. Inspired by the daring linings of bespoke Savile Row suits, Mulliner craftsmen and women adorn the interior compartments of the Mulsanne with intense, vivid colours.

Inspiration is taken from diverse sources such as the iridescent blue of a dragonfly and vibrantly coloured fruits like the Mediterranean Mandarin and Key Lime. Even Tutankhamun’s richly appointed tomb influences one of the colours from the collection – an exciting flash of colour, perfectly juxtaposed with the serene sophistication of the interior adding an exquisite flair to the interior of the Mulsanne.

The Linley Hamper by Mulliner
For the ultimate picnic experience, Mulliner has created a new and exclusive hamper which is specifically designed for the world’s most luxurious SUV, the Bentayga. The Linley Hamper by Mulliner, created together with renowned British designer David Linley, contains the finest examples of cutlery, crockery and glassware in the world.The Linley Hamper by Mulliner, composed of three hand-trimmed hamper units, each integrated into the boot space of the Bentayga using a sophisticated tray mechanism, is the first Mulliner option available for the new SUV.

Matching the boot compartment, all three hamper units will be hand-trimmed with a Beluga exterior and can be selected with any of the following interior trim colours: Camel, Hotspur, Linen, Magnolia or New Market Tan. For customers that want to add a unique personal touch, Mulliner offers an embroidery service whereby a name, logo or family monogramme can be beautifully stitched onto a specific section of the hamper. Using Mulliner’s bespoke services, customers can also request to have their hamper trimmed in different hide colours offered within the Bentley range.5d8f865d-baaf-4013-926b-ed5b2983b53f

GT Design Seat by Mulliner
Bentley’s master artisans have created an eye-catching way to personalise all four seats in the dynamic Continental GT Speed and the sporty Continental GT V8 S, Coupe and Convertibles. Bringing an even more competitive edge to the interior of the Continental GT Speed or Continental GT V8 S, the new design incorporates a unique colour-split that highlights the unique colour accent on the new Continental seat. Mulliner also offers further personalisation of your seats with the option to add contrast stitching or embroidered Bentley logos.

Illuminated DrinksCabinet with Bespoke Crystal Decanters and Tumblers
With a handcrafted solid wood frame, this exquisite Illuminated DrinksCabinet is the ultimate option to enjoy refreshing beverages in the back of the Mulsanne. Discreetly hidden behind the armrest between the rear passenger seats, the cabinet holds two bespoke crystal decanters, exclusively designed for Mulliner by David Redman of London. When the armrest is lowered, the elegantly veneered and trimmed draw quietly slides to expose the two hand-blown and hand-cut David Redman crystal tumblers and a Bentley branded stainless steel hipflask. The draw can also be easily deployed and retracted with a touch of a button.

The interior of the drinkscabinet has been crafted by Mulliner’s expert hands and has been skilfully matched to every customer’s interior specifications of their Mulsanne. It is beautifully illuminated by white LED accent lighting.

As Bentley’s personal commissioning department, it is only natural for Mulliner to offer the possibility to further personalise this cabinet. With Mulliner, customers can request to have personalised embroidery stitched on the reartrimmed panel of the cabinet; while for those that have selected the Mulliner Hidden Delight option, Mulliner craftsmen would be pleased to trim the interior of their cabinet in the same Hidden Delight hide colour for an unique finish to their Mulsanne.d823a067-b448-49d9-853d-845f1d4a2676

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