Bentley Mulsanne Sinjari limited edition model introduced in the Middle East

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Mulliner, Bentley’s legendary coach-building division, has taken bespoke craftsmanship to new heights and produced four extraordinary, limited edition Mulsanne Sinjari models especially for select customers in the Middle East. Mulliner is renowned for creating limited editions with themes that hold special or sentimental significance to discerning customers from different regions and its pre-eminent artisans have brought to life yet another exquisite vision with the Mulsanne Sinjari. Model deliveries have already begun, with a pair having recently arrived in the region as the final two near completion in Crewe.

Paying tribute to the special place that falconry has held for the last 4,000 years at the heart of the region’s heritage, the Mulsanne Sinjari takes inspiration for its theme from the prized Sinjari falcon. This graceful bird of prey, found in many parts of the Arabian Penninsula and hailing from the great Sinjar mountains, shares with the Mulsanne the attributes of phenomenal performance, elegance and beauty, making it an ideal muse for the Mulliner craftsmen in Crewe.

A dynamic, exterior
The Mulsanne Sinjari features captivating exterior colours, having taken its cue from the hunting bird’s plumage,finished in Bentley two-tone Anthracite over Onyx. Meanwhile, the 21-inch Aluminium alloy wheels are also finished in gloss black in further homage to the Sinjar falcons.

With the additional eye-catching flourish of a gold plated Flying ‘B’, the Mulsanne Sinjari shares its unique exterior design with new Bentley Mulsanne. The new, imposing front end is dominated by a large stainless steel vertical-vane grille, 80 mm wider than before, that celebrates the great models of the past, such as the 8 Litre of 1930, Embiricos and R-Type Continental. Through these vertical vanes, the inconic Bentley matrix grille remains visible.

The new one-piece bumper, radiator shell and bonnet integrate seamlessly with flush joins creating more visual width and presence. These features flow down to a lower vane-grille section, which is in turn flanked by ‘B’ signature matrix elements and finished in bright chrome.

The brightware detailing continues on either side of the Mulsanne with a new B-shaped wing vent incorporated into the lower section of the fender.

An extravagant interior
Illuminated treat plates, which read “Sinjari”, welcomes the occupant to one of the finest cabins the world, with each element handpicked and crafted by the Mulliner coach-building division at the Bentley Crewe factory. The cabin features Mulliner’s signature diamond quilted leather trim,finished in black and white with a contrasting white ceiling and “Sinjari” embroidered on the front headrests, adding to the Sinjari theme running throughout the car.

The uniqueness of the Mulsane Sinjari is further underscored by the handcrafted veneer featuring a distinctive, goldplated transfer overlay image of a Sinjari falcon.The Mulsanne Sinjari features the world’s finest veneers, handcrafted by Mulliner artisans from some of the best woods including walnut, oak, maple, and bodark. These hand-selected veneers form pure and elegant surfaces throughout the cabin and each of the 40 pieces are shaped and finished with trademark attention to detail.4dad2aa2-f97a-419c-8721-5bac5fbc91e4

In another tribute to the extraordinary theme of the Sinjari falcon, the i-Pad tables in the rear of the cabin also feature a goldplated transfer overlay image of the Sinajri Falcon, while a chrome plated transfer overlay is added to the waistrails with the wording “Sinjari”.Elsewhere in the cabin, bright-polished stainless steel, chrome inlays, unique glass switchgear, traditional knurled controls and deep-pile carpets enhance this pinnacle of luxury comfort.

A tailored driving experience
With new adjustable sports suspension and steering, the Mulsanne Sinjari is truly an exquisite, tailored driving experience.Assembled in two respectively powerful engine specifications, the limited edition Mulsanne Sinjari appeases both driver and passenger needs.

The Mulsanne Sinajari engine specification comprises a 9-speed automatic transmission, turbo charged version of Bentley’s iconic‎ 6.75-litreV8 engine, generating an astonishing ‎‎505bhp and 1,020 Nm of torque, catapulting the Mulsanne Sinjari to a top speed of 296km/h. The Mulsanne Sinajri Speed specification, which produces the most torque from any gasoline series production car in the world, features an even more powerful turbo charged ‎6.75-litre V8 engine producing ‎1,100 Nm of torque and 530bhp with 13% more efficiency. The efficiency of the Mulsanne Sinjari continues through the cylinder deactivation system which disengages unneeded cylinders depending on driving conditions,thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Mulliner exists to respond to the requirements of Bentley’s most discerning customers. In the world of Mulliner, anything is possible. From requests as simple as monogrammed upholstery to the kind of elaborate tailored body modifications that can only be undertaken with the proven expertise of a truly established coach-builder, the highly skilled and dedicated Mulliner craftsmen deliver luxury on a new level; rarity on a different scale.6472c8e5-b949-4e8b-9c01-2afb49f8b2d5

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