Video: Drifts and Donuts in the Ford Focus RS by Ken Block

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The all-new Ford Focus RS is launched in Cologne, Germany. As part of the launch event, drifting superstar Ken Block performed some live all-wheel drive drifts and donuts in the Ford Focus RS.


Watch video here:






Ford Focus RS



  • It is all-wheel drive. It has torque vectoring as well and can send up to 70% of power to the rear wheels and the rear differential can send up to 100% of that power to either wheels.
  • It is a 2.3 litre turbo charged Ecoboost 4 cylinder engine which makes over 320bhp.
  • Gearbox – 6 speed manual


For added oomph, the new RS comes with a larger rear wing, bigger front air intakes, and l0w-profile tyres. Like the new Ford GT, the Focus RS is one of 12 new performance vehicles set to appear from Ford before 2020. It also becomes the 30th vehicle to wear Ford’s hallowed RS badge since the 15M RS appeared in 1968.

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