Menza Motors India’s Only Bootstrap automobile manufacturing Start-up Unveils the First Look of Electric Motorcycle MENZA LUCAT

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India’s First EV which can be charged on any wall socket and onboard charging opens Pre-Booking in Mid- Feb


Designed by one of the finest electrical automobile manufacturing company  Menza  Motors  Pvt.  Ltd,  electric  Motorcycle,  MENZA  LUCAT  is all set to offer a  new dimension of commuting and transportation in everyday life, for the general public. Unveiled today at the Auto Expo, in Greater Noida, Menza Motors is bracing itself for pre-bookings starting mid-Feb with doorstep delivery as early as mid-August.   The Menza Lucat is priced at Rs. 2,79,999 Ex-showroom and has been integrated in the physical as well as the digital world.


As India’s First EV which can be charged on any wall socket and onboard charging, this product has been manufactured keeping in sync technological superiority and youthful appeal towards customers. This new launch is sure to stir up excitement amongst the enthusiasts. Under extensive research and development program by the company, a 10,000 km of road testing of the Motorcycle has been undertaken. Supporting the Government’s Make in India initiative, 84% of the Motorcycle parts are have been designed or manufactured locally.


Menza Lucat is a factory-customized Motorcycle, which is built as per the rider’s requirement and his riding style; this includes body-type, suspension, seat, height and footrest. The better the posture for driving the better is the health of the rider. With best power output in its class; the Motorcycle is powered by 18 KW of Peak power and 60NM of peak torque.  This powerful engine is set to appeal all biking enthusiasts of today.  The front and rear suspension components match the dynamics of the tubeless wheels and alloy tires that enhance the comfort, control, safety and performance for the rider.


Giving it a distinct look on the road is its sleek body with a city range of 100 Km and highway range of 150km. With a Brushless DC motor and an air cooling system, the Motorcycle is equipped with 72V Li-ion battery Pack with smart BMS System that has a charge time of only 4 hours and is fast charge capable in 90 minutes. The Motorcycle guarantees a total Motorcycling experience, where once the soul meets the modern edge of technology it transforms into a ride that must be felt to believe. In addition to all of the above, the Motorcycle is incorporated with a track package, a dynamic safety system which gives notifications on speed limiting and battery drainage, along with an automatic motor off and a button for launch control.


Speaking about the  Motorcycle,  Rahul  Gonsalves,  founder  &  CEO Menza Motors said, “With the launch of  Menza  Lucat we have brought about a change in the automobile industry of India. Thousands of hours of research and testing were put into getting the mechanics right. We have even connected micro-factory with retails and storefront to meet the accurate dates of delivery and ensure the best consumer experience on a  Motorcycle.  We  plan  to  set up  an  entire  ecosystem  for electric Motorcycles within the country, which would include the product and the easy availability of charging stations along with creating a community of Menza motorcycle riders in the near future.”


The company has recently set up vehicle charging stations along the Yamuna Expressway leading up to the iconic Taj Mahal before the launch. Established in public domains, this service is free for public use.  It is supplying an average electric range of Li-ion powered vehicles nearing 100  Kms.  Menza Motors is also creating awareness as well as imparting education that caters to the user’s need for understanding the electric vehicle development which so far no other manufacturer has been capable of doing.

Menza Lucat
City Range                                100 Km
Highway Range                       150 Km
Type                      Brushless DC motor
Max. RPM                                3000 rpm
Peak torque                             60 Nm
Peak Power                             18 KW
Constant Torque                    20 Nm
Top Speed 121kmph
Charging time 4hours/90 minutes


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