Kolhapur’s Dhruv Mohite registers first win in a difficult Race 4 of the 2017

Ameo Cup 2017_Race 4_Devin Robertson (#1), Karminder Pal Singh (#2) and …
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Volkswagen Motorsport India concludes Round 2 of its flagship one-make series – Ameo Cup 2017 season under extremely hot conditions. With top eight finishers of Race 3 starting in reverse grid, it was Rohit Goyal starting from pole position. Guest driver – Keith Desouza joined him on the first row followed by Dhruv Mohite and Sourav Bandyopadhyay on the second. As lights went off, Keith took off with a good launch and got past Rohit even before the first corner on the first lap. Behind him, it was Dhruv who also got off to a brilliant start with a near perfect launch which helped him dive into the first corner ahead of pole sitter Rohit. One corner later, at turn three, Dhruv got past Keith and took the lead in the race. Thereafter, Dhruv maintained his lead and took his first win of the season.

Behind him though was where the action really was. Keith was holding on to the second position while Donovan had climbed up to third position after having started from fifth. Behind him was Karminder who had come all the way from seventh to fourth in just one lap. Soon, Karminder got past Donovan and started challenging Keith. Through the laps three and four, Karminder made several attempts to get past Keith but wasn’t successful. On the last corner of the fourth lap, Keith made a mistake, ran wide and allowed Karminder, Devin Robertson and Donovan Vaz to get past. From there on, it was Karminder holding on to the second place and Devin in third.

Sandeep Kumar had a rather unfortunate race after spinning at the third corner on the first lap and then being taken out by Johir Suresh as he lost control of his car.

Expressing his thoughts about the first win of the season, Dhruv said, “I had a perfect launch at the start which helped me in getting into the lead early in the race. Since I was driving here for the very first time, I had to learn the track.” He further added, “The 2017 season of Ameo Cup has been a good learning for me so far and every race I have gained formidable knowledge. Going forward my focus is to be consistent and complete every race of the season in the best possible position.”

Upon concluding the second round Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, “I am enthralled with the Ameo Cup race cars’ reliability and performance under such demanding conditions. The MRF tyres support the cars well and have not deteriorated even in the toughest of conditions which is a great positive. It helped the drivers concentrate on their line and perform consistently.” He further added, “The 2017 season has so far seen four different winners which makes the competition exciting.”

Karminder Pal Singh now extends the lead in the 2017 season of Ameo Cup after giving a consistent performance with podiums in each of the races so far.

Race 4 Result –

Sr. No. Car Number Name Total Time City
1 19 Dhruv Mohite 15:53.219 Kolhapur
2 9 Karminder Singh 15:59.667 Delhi
3 18 Devin Robertson 16:01.045 Johannesburg ( South Africa)
4 4 Affan Sadat 16:17.243 Chittagong (Bangladesh)
5 14 Anmol Singh 16:19.218 Delhi
6 11 Tauhid Anwar 16:25.687 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
7 7 Aditya Pawar 16:30.387 Mumbai
8 8 Sourav Bandyopadhyay 16:30.631 Mumbai
9 22 Keith Dsouza 16:31.168 Goa
10 1 Rashad Kahn 16:31.174 Mumbai
11 5 Jeet Jhabakh 16:33.619 Hyderabad
12 15 Pavneet Sheetal 16:34.476 Indore
13 10 Siddharth Kotecha 16:37.718 Jalgaon
14 17 Donovan Vaz 16:39.121 Goa
15 21 Rahul Richard 16:50.458 Mumbai
16 20 Abhishek 17:03.355 Delhi
17 12 Vedant Agarwal 17:26.708 Delhi
18 2 Johir Suresh DNF Coimbatore
19 6 A Sandeep Kumar DNF Chennai
20 3 Rohit Goyal DNF Chennai

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