Aston Martin’s last few DB9s roll out of the assembly line

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Aston Martin posted pictures of the final 9 DB9s rolling out of the assembly line on Twitter, which clearly signals an emotional farewell for what has been around for 12 years and more – and proved to be very successful for the brand. The Rapide and Vanquish will carry forward its legacy in the form of its underpinnings. The last 9 DB9s will also sport badges with ‘Last of 9’ embossed on them.

As most of us are aware now, the all-new DB11 will replace the DB9, and marks a significant leap for the company as the new car will employ a new 5.2-litre, twin-turbo V12 and a modern platform. Going by the success of the DB9, the DB11 certainly has big shoes to fill. But as initial reports suggest, the upcoming car surely has a lot riding on it and will perhaps be an even better product.

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