Meet the Aston Martin SUV; officially named as DBX

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It seems like the SUV lifestyle is trending among luxury and sports car makers. After Bentley and Rolls Royce, it is the Aston Martin who is bringing the SUV in to their range of cars. The SUV you see in the pictures will be officially launched in 2019. Aston Martin has released pictures of testing their DBX SUV in a rally stage in Welsh.

All we know is is the name, DBX. Aston Martin didn’t reveal any other details about the SUV, but we noticed the V8 Vantage styled front grille and a complex design on the rear which is confusing. Even though the DBX concept debuted as an electric vehicle, it won’t be an EV when it reaches production. It would pack a V8 under the hood with nothing less than 600 horsepower.

The DBX is expected to test thoroughly across Arctic, the Middle East and other parts of the World before the launch.


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