Audi Coimbatore organized Weekender Drive for their customers

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Audi called out to its customers and all Audi enthusiasts to take a break and live a little more this weekend with Audi’s finest cars and SUVs at the Audi Weekender held in Coimbatore recently. Audi Weekender is a program designed to give customers an overall experience of Audi’s finest cars and SUVs as well as sportscars. Audi Weekender drives will be held across Audi dealerships in India. Each drive will be for a duration of two and a half hours.


“At Audi, we are very clear that we need to be close to our customers and we feel these unique drive experiences are a great way to connect with them. Audi Weekender gives our customers and Audi enthusiasts an opportunity to drive Audi’s technologically advanced and luxurious cars and appreciate the Audi DNA – Vorsprung durch Technik,” said Mr. Joe King, Head, Audi India.


The participating customers and enthusiasts were divided into groups to drive one segment of cars – SUVs, sedans or sportscars. Customers driving Audi SUVs enjoyed driving on specially made off-road track and enjoy maneuvering obstacles such as rumbler, chicken holes, axel twister and articulation while customers driving sedans got to experience thrill of acceleration, braking and slaloms.


A professional and motivated team of instructors helped the customers experience the dynamism and passionate beat of the brand with the four rings. The fans also got an opportunity to get photographed with the company’s bespoke super sports car Audi R8.


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