5 reasons to buy the Datsun Go

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While the majority of people are praising Modi’s Madison Square Garden speech, I reckoned the most valuable and respectable point was “building houses for all Indians by 2022”; obviously owning a house is one of the best feelings. But here I am helping you choose the best entry level hatch for all first-time car buyers. Since the launch of the Datsun Go, I‘ve been getting lots of queries about the car. When people ask me “Why do you prefer the Datsun Go over the Hyundai Eon and Maruti Suzuki Alto K10?”, I reply to them, listing out 5 reasons:

  • Looks

Look at the Datsun Go – it’s a cute little automotive prodigy. We’ve started to get pretty bored with the humdrum looking Eon and Alto. The Datsun Go is a perfect combination of robust looks and comfort. From the front, the Go is all about distinctive looks with the D-Cut grille, and the big headlamps exude a strong design language of the Datsun brand. At the rear, again, they’ve made it simple yet stylish. Overall, the Go looks imposing compared to the usual hatches which we get to see on-road every day.

  • Engine

Under the hood is a 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol motor that’s similar to the one in the Nissan Micra Active. It makes slightly less power than the Micra Active, but with its light-weight frame, the Go is a good performer. The engine is happy to rev, and whenever you push the throttle, the rpm steadily increases without much fuss. The Go will easily hit triple digit speeds in just 15 seconds, and cruising at higher speeds is not a big deal either. The car is stable and it will not distract you with vibrations at higher speeds.

  • Space

The first thing you notice inside, are the synced front seats. The gear lever and handbrake are placed on the centre console – which gives way to a tiny tot getting in between the front seats. Nissan says the intention is not to carry a third passenger, but in India, we sure know what those connected seats will be used for. You get much better shoulder and elbow room at the front. Additionally, the Go also sports best-in-class knee and shoulder room at the rear. And, the boot space of 265 litres is better than many other expensive hatchbacks.


  • Reliability

The Go has proven mechanicals, since it shares a lot of its nitty-gritties and underpinnings from established products, from Nissan’s stable. This car gives you a robust feel because of its tough build quality. Datsun is also offering the Go with a two-year and unlimited kilometers warranty to boot.

  • Price

The entry-level hatchback from Datsun is available at a starting price of Rs 3.12 lakh. The Go, which will come in three variants, will have a price range of Rs 3.12 lakh to Rs 3.69 lakh. Considering the entry level hatchback competition, the Go is up to the task of leading with the Hyundai Eon. The pricing is one crucial factor why we opt for the Go. On the whole, the Datsun Go is the best buy in its segment.


Variants                 Price


D                      – Rs 3.12 lakh


A                      – Rs 3.46 lakh


T                      – Rs 3.69 lakh

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