Ranger Raptor Boasts Motorsport-Inspired Customizable Performance Shift Indicator Borrowed from Mustang

Ranger Raptor exterior
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The high-performance 292kW Ford Ranger Raptor was designed and engineered to deliver maximum thrills on- and off-road.

“The Ranger Raptor was designed and engineered by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts,” said Dave Burn, chief platform engineer, Ranger Raptor. “Inspired by desert racing1, Ranger Raptor demands to be driven.”

This is why Ford fitted it with a customizable Performance Shift Light Indicator3.

Race drivers have used shift lights for decades, signaling the perfect engine speed to change gear to ensure maximum acceleration on or off the bitumen. Ford first installed one on a production vehicle with the Mustang GT350 in 2015.

While most drivers, most of the time, will drive around with Ranger Raptor’s e-Shifter in D for Drive, there are times when you want to take control for yourself. By selecting M for Manual on the e-Shifter, the driver is in total control of when to change gear via the Magnesium-alloy paddle shifters; this could be when driving on a tight and twisting road or when driving for fuel economy.

The Performance Shift Indicator can be enabled to give a visual and audible warning when it’s time to grab the next gear. It can be enabled and customized through the vehicle’s main menu in the 12.4-inch instrument cluster, allowing the driver to alter the Shift Tone and the Shift Point (between 4000–6500rpm).

With the Performance Shift Indicator enabled you’ll notice the tachometer illuminates as the revs increase changing color as it reaches the chosen shift point.

To activate the Performance Shift Indicator, Press ‘Settings’ and then Select ‘Performance Shift Indicator’, then ‘Enabled’, and then proceed to adjust the ‘Shift Point’ (between 4000–6500rpm) and the ‘Shift Tone’.

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