Mercedes Vision EQXX debuts with 1000KM Range

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Mercedes Vision EQXX is finally here with some surprising specs! After months of teasing, the Vision EQXX concept debuts and the production version is also on the way. The EQXX will be offering an impressive range of 1000KM in a single charge! Gone are the days where we are worried about the electric range. The EQXX will allow you to drive from Mumbai to Bangalore without needing to plug in the sedan and that’s quite impressive! Mercedes has not disclosed about the battery capacity yet. Powering the EQXX is an electric motor that generates 201HP of maximum power.

There’s a solar panel with 117 cells on the roof, and the EQXX uses this energy to power ancillary electric systems which in turn helps save some energy. The sedan has a drag coefficient of just 0.17 which means it slices through air pretty easily. EQXX’s body has a teardrop shape running from the roof to the tail. Also, the sedan comes with special tyres with ultra low rolling resistance.

On the inside, there is a massive display that spans 47.5 inches from pillar to pillar. Comes with an 8k resolution and runs a navigation system with 3d graphics. The EQXX looks massive, but at 4630mm in length and 2800mm wheelbase, the sedan is comparatively smaller than a C-Class.

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