Meet Monster X Concept: a 6×6 safety car designed by Carlex Design

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One of the wildest safety car we’ve ever seen. right? The Monster X is a 6×6 concept which was born when the designers at Pick Up Design was chilling on a Friday evening. This is based on the Mercedes Benz X Class and the 6×6 concept is loaded with carbon as you can see in the images.

This is an X-Class with 4 axles and 6 wheels and bodywork made entirely out of carbon fibre. The bodywork features wide body wheel arches, several rear fins and spoilers, sport bars, more aggressive front and rear bumpers, and a hood scoop.

Instead of making it more offroad worthy, Carlex Design has lowered the truck and purposefully designed so that it easily gets a job in the racetrack as a safety car! It has front and rear winches to pull wrecked race cars and even carbon ceramic brakes!

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