Honda Civic Type R Revealed In TCR Racing Avatar

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The road-going new generation version of the Honda Civic Type R is already spectacular in its own right. It has all the bells and whistles to be an international success and it has proved its worth in a very short period of time as customers and media alike are appreciating its sheer performance and of course the looks.

As if it was not bonkers enough, the Japanese automaker has now showed the hot hatch in TCR touring car guise. Developed by JAS Motorsport, the new Type R TCR replaces the current Civic racer in the ever-growing touring car category that is highly popular due to its structure of not-so-deep in the pocket racing.

Only a single image of the car has been released so far but it gives away a huge front splitter affixed to a custom bumper with enlarged air intakes and a new vented hood. The Civic Type R TCR adorns a prominent side skirts, flared wheel arches and a proper racing rear wing, not the boy racer one found on the road car.

Like all other competitors in the TCR series, the car shares many key components with the production car, including its engine, which can be modified to around 330 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. TCR entrants can also retain their standard manual transmissions or be equipped with a race-spec sequential. JAS says deliveries of its new racer will commence on December 15, with 25 examples being ready for the 2018 season. With improved aerodynamics and mechanical setup, it would be interesting to see how good the racer is to its standard performance-based road car.

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