www.ecarmall.in – An online mega store for car accessories has been launched!

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Now you can sit at your home and shop your favorite car accessories through ecarmall. KHS Services, the experts in car accessories and other car comprehensive services, have launched a new online portal, www.ecarmall.in – an online megastore, which caters to a wide range of car accessories. It is also first of its kind to be introduced in India.

Conceptualized, conceived and executed by three  young and dynamic car enthusiasts– Karan, Harjot and Saurabh, all share  the same passion for cars, wanting to do something creative, effective and hassle-free when it came  to online buying for car accessories and other car related services.

ECarMall is a new concept which provides customers with the services like basic fittings to high end installation at the most competitive prices, delivered right at their doorsteps. We strive on expertise and our own team of passionate and skilled technicians who take the hassle of fitting and installation away from the client, and they also guide you in making your next purchase. The technicians are highly trained and are our in house staff and not outsourced to a local vendor, since we believe a bad installation can ruin the experience of the product.

“As of now, we are going live with our car accessories section called e-shop which will be soon followed by Car Insurance, Finance and Modification, New, Upcoming and Used Cars.” says Karan Panchal – one of the founders of www.ecarmall.in

Ecarmall is an unique attempt to bring together a comprehensive platform to watch, learn and explore about the car industry from the well-researched and updated content. Unlike any other car portal, instead of being a profit centric organization, we are a bunch of automobile enthusiast who are always keen to track the latest changes in the automobile industry. Whether you are a pro enthusiast or just a normal consumer who’s looking for information on the selective models, Ecarmall is the place that suits your needs.

Ecarmall has been brought up by weaving together different sections all corresponding to the various essential aspects of the automobile industry like New cars, Used Cars, Accessories, Insurance, Finance and Car Modification and Performance upgrade Products.


Highlights about the portal –

The design of the portal has been created keeping in mind the growing mobile and tablet shopping market, the User interface is very informative  and it is completely hassle-free to navigate. Packed with high-quality content, news and stories that will be constantly updated, the website will be appealing and accessible to an audience of all ages and backgrounds.

The Core Idea of “CARZAADA” a person smart enough not to waste time and his perfect weekends wandering around searching for the perfect car accessory for his car. He logs on to www.ecarmall.in which enables him to intricately evaluate his choice of accessory and other car care items and services.

In the near Future there are many more consumer focused products and services planned. The Fitting and Installation services are only operational in Mumbai, with future prospects to develop our own teams in other metros.

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