Nissan To Power Red Bull Car Park Drift 2016

Nissan Partners with Red Bull for Middle Easts Car Park Drift 2016 (1)
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The 370Z to be the official car of the most coveted drifting championship in the Middle East

Nissan has announced that it is to partner with Red Bull for the 2016 series of the Red Bull Car Park Drift championship. The annual event has grown in popularity since its inception in 2008, with 75,000 spectators expected in 2016, compared to 60,000 last year. Nissan is getting in on the action by both becoming a main sponsor and supplying a 370Z to be the main car driven by the record breaking Lebanese drifter, Abdo Feghali.

“Nissan is widely known for its promise of ‘Innovation That Excites,” says Fadi Ghosn, Chief Marketing Officer of Nissan Middle East, “and few motorsports are as adrenaline soaked as Red Bull Car Park Drift. The Nissan 370Z is an iconic sports car and is ideal for putting on a spectacular display of driver control. With Abdo Feghali behind the wheel, we are looking forward to some unforgettable performances that will highlight the diverse range of capabilities possessed by the 370Z.”

After its inception in Beirut back in 2008, where motorsport is a cult, the event grew to become a regional series as of 2010, spanning a large number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. The first regional Final took place in 2010 at the Forum De Beyrouth, attracting ‘underground drifters’ to show off their skills in an organized competition. In the short time since, Red Bull Car Park Drift has become a firm fixture on the Middle East’s motorsport calendar and Nissan cars have been a mainstay, with 2015’s King of Drift, Ahmad Daham, taking top honors in a Nissan Silvia being just one example.

“Nissan is no stranger to Red Bull Car Park Drift, with wide popularity among drifters and fans alike”, said Alberto Chahoud, Area Communication Manager for Red Bull. “Today, we welcome Nissan on board as the official car of the 2016 season. With continuous upgrades and a relentless drive towards innovation, Red Bull pledges to offer fans a season to look forward to”.

The Judging criteria includes points being awarded for more than drifting skills, with car sound, tire smoke and looks  all playing a part in overall rankings. Twelve countries are represented and drivers who win on a national level go on to Regional Qualifiers, followed by the Regional Finals where the King of Drift is crowned.

“It’s a perfect venue for drivers to perform incredible feats in their cars, in the safe confines of an FIA-monitored competition,” continues Ghosn. “At Nissan we take safety very seriously and actively encourage drivers to engage in motorsport that puts them and their thousands of spectators out of harm’s way.”

The 2016 series features competitions across the Middle East and North Africa, ending in Oman, where the King of Drift title will be awarded during December.

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