Bristol is back in business with the new Bullet

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The Project Pinnacle – as it was known earlier – has now finally evolved into this lovely, retro-looking thing called the Bullet. When it comes to the details, this little roadster is ahead of the curve. The company has been contemplating the launch of its first car for about two years or more, and the turnout – to put it simply – is staggering. Sharp lines flow from above the wheel arches, slats alongside the fenders, tail fins at the rear and sporty wraparound windscreen come together to create this moving sculpture. Those of you familiar with Bristol’s history, will notice the front-end looking identical to the 1958 405’s.

The cabin is devoid of fussy detailing – and that’s a good thing. All you will find is tan leather, retro-looking dials, a stubby gearlever – and strangely – an infotainment screen integrated into the centre console. The body is made of carbon, mounted on top of a bonded-aluminium chassis. We are happy to report that the Bristol employs a naturally-aspirated, 4.8-litre BMW V8, good for 370hp, while also managing the 0-100kph sprint in just under 4 seconds. The company says that production is limited to 70 cars – and that means it’s going to be rarer to spot than a LaFerrari. So go on now; get those cheque books ready, because the Bullet is for those who’ve always wanted a chunk of retro in the modern era. After you’re convinced at the price of £250,000 (Rs 2.5 crores) for either a right-hand-drive or left-hand-drive order, that is. Bulllet-Interior-01-2k-876x535

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